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Grass-Roots Goliath Citizens for a Sound Economy

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Grass-Roots Goliath Citizens for a Sound Economy has been...

Date: 13 Jul 1996
Length: 6 pages

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Call it fertilizing the grass roots. On the morning of April 16. a few leaders of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) pitched an elite bunch of corporate lobbyists about financing a new grass-roots lobbying project~a muitiyear, multimillion-dollar effort to overhaul the nation's environmental regulations.


Named Organization
AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organiza)
Labor Union
American Petroleum Institute
Chamber of Commerce
Citizens for a Sound Economy (Powerful industry-funded think tank that promotes deregulati)
Edison Electric Institute
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Heritage Foundation
House of Representatives
Justice Department
National Association of Manufacturers
Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. (Cigarette manufacturer, incorporated in U.S. in 1902)
Philip Morris & Co. Ltd.., was incorporated in New York in April of 1902; half the shares were held by the parent company in London, and the balance by its U.S. distributor and his American associate. Its overall sales in 1903, its first full year of U.S. operation, were a modest seven million cigarettes. Among the brand offered, besides Philip Morris, were Blues, Cambridge, Derby, and a ladies favorite name for the London street where the home companies factory was located - Marlborough.
Public Citizen ("PC") (Nonprofit consumer advocate organization founded by Ralph Na)
Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocate-action organization founded in 1971 by Ralph Nader.
Republican Party
University of Vermont
Vanderbilt University
Washington Post (Newspaper)
White House
Named Person
Bahler, Brent
Bash, George
Beckner, Paul N.
Boron, David L.
Brewster, Bill
Burke, John F. Jr. Ph.D. (Economist, Cleveland St. U, Anti-Tobacco Expert)
Burke, John P.
Burke, Sheila P.
Care, Clinton
Cicconi, James W.
Claybrook, Joan B.
Coverdell, Paul
Davis, Michele
Delay, Tom D.
Dole, Robert (U.S. Vice President, Senator (R-KS))
Ellsworth, Robert F.
Fink, Richard H.
Forbes, Steve
Fuller, Craig L. (Sr. V.P. Corporate Affairs for PM, 1994)
He was Philip Morris' top spokesman in 1994. (WSJ 6-3-94) He was a Philip Morris Vice President. (PMI's Introduction to Privilege Log and Glossary of Names, Estate of Burl Butler v. PMI, et al, April 19, 1996)
Gray, C. Boyden
Hargrove, Erwin C.
Johnson, Lyndon
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (U. S. President, 1961-1963)
Koch, David
Koch, David H.
Lewis, Charles
Mitchell, Nancy L.
Motley, John J.
Parks, Carl
Reed, Scott
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Solomon, Burt
Stone, Peter H.
Sweeney, John J.
Truluck, Phillip N.
Wayne, Stephen J.
Whitman, Christine Todd
Woodward, Bob
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