Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Koch Brothers Behaving Like Children

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What other corporation in the WORLD has ever been fined and penalized $288,000,000.00 plus lost a court case by jury verdict of people who examined the evidence that imposed $293,000,000.00 more dollars for killing people by neglecting their business?

This is more than HALF A GIGABUCK! There's a partial list of links to the court evidence and official reports located at:

This doesn't even include the tens of millions of dollars the Koch brothers raked in joining the Tobacco Serial Murder Conspiracy that killed 22,000,000 Americans since 1956 -- the Kochs became partners in the RICO operation by 1985 if not sooner, and there have been 440,000 Americans killed by tobacco liars and addictive drug peddlers each year since 1984.

When did they terminate the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? Why the kid gloves? It's not like Obama loves the Koch brothers funding ALEC or Karl Rove's GPS.

Why are they ABOVE THE LAW?