Friday, November 9, 2012

The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.
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The US TEA PARTY was a project of CSE (Koch Citizens for a Sound Koch Economy) now since rebranded as FREEDOMWORKS-CSE and AFP (Koch Americans for Koch Prosperity).

The US TEA PARTY website can still be visited in the ARCHIVES.ORG wayback macine from 2002-2005, with mirror image pages on CSE.ORG.

In 2002 Americans were Enjoying GEORGE WRECKER BUSH as president for his first term and had already "taken their country back. The nation had never heard of Barack Obama yet.

In August 2001 the TAR HEELS TEA PARTY attacked the North Carolina State Capitol Bldg with 600 frothy-mouthed screamers throwing tea bags around and complaining about taxed too much already. This protest was sponsored by Dick Armey's dick army of CSE, and also ART POPE'S JOHN LOCKE INSTITUTE co-housed in the same offices as Charles Koch's Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University.

The TEA PARTY project was created over decades of anti-cigarette tax front organizations funded by the Tobacco Organized Crime Racketeers, as evidenced by the TOBACCO DOCUMENTS housed at SF State U Legacy Library documents collections from the many tobacco trials documents.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Tea Party's 1776 Shtick: History Mangled

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The Tea Party was created by the Tobacco companies who hired their long-time contractors (the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries) to execute the plan to make taxes on smokers unpopular. Court evidence documents from when 46 State Attorney Generals sued the tobacco racketeers were wrenched from the racketeers file cabinets and put on display on the internet by federal court orders.

Links to these court documents can be found at and at showing exactly precisely the name of the party who conceived the idea back in 1981 and all the parties who carried out the plan over the following decades. The Organized Crime Tobacco fraudsters kept good records of every dime they spent, every $10,000,000 they spent through the Kochs CSE (Freedomworks-CSE, and AFP).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Herman Cain: Rev. Wright is ‘fair game’

May. 19, 2012 - 10:45 PM EST
Herman Cain, member of the Board of Directors of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company-Nabisco Holdings, operated in control of the nationwide lobby group Natl Restaurant Assn while groping job applicants and cheating on his mistress.

Herman Cain as director of AGCO Corp, run by Rich Koch, pulled in $2,000,000.00 jobs stimulus money and as director of Whirlpool-Maytag took in another $24,000,000.00 and claimed thru-out his campaign that the jobs stimulus never created even one job. Shouldn't Herman Cain be put in jail for fraud, taking $26,000,000.00 jobs stimulus money on the promise of creating jobs and then not creating the jobs he was paid to create?

Herman Cain, tobacco criminal, aided the big seven tobacco companies to push addictive deadly drugs as part of an ongoing 50 year R.I.C.O. racketeering conspiracy that serially murdered 22,000,000 Americans with painful deaths and diseases.

Herman Cain, BAD BUSINESSMAN, took a 3rd place pizza chain to 5th place, now 8th place, closed hundreds of pizza joints and fired thousands of pizza workers, all to make the operation look profitable on paper to dump the stock at higher prices than it was worth. His scam got him onboard the Citibank gravy train and a federal reserve directorship.

Herman Cain, BAD BUSINESSMAN, did an Enron to Aquila Corporation, destroying the viability, gutting the employees pension and stock worth, ultimately disbanding the company for parts sold at firesale prices to competitors. Cain and cronies was sued for $10 megabucks, settled for undisclosed amount, but Aquila bit the dust.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CREW Calls for FCC to Revoke Murdoch’s Broadcast Licenses
May 01, 2012

Rupert Murdoch engaged as Director of Philip Morris Tobacco Company during the height of the R.I.C.O. racketeering conspiracy, which had over a 50 year period serial murdered 22,000,000 American Citizens by knowingly defrauding the public about the addictive and deadly dangers of a fatal product line.

Rupert Murdoch was not only one of the largest shareholders of PM, but he also served as active agent in the conspiracy, taking $75,000,000 PM advertising per year for the Murdoch TV GUIDE publication, which was one of the last remaining routes of tobacco print advertising directly into the hands of children looking up showtimes for cartoon shows.

Not only did the Rupert Murdoch period Philip Morris begin funding an organized crime fraud operation called TASSC ( = The A.S.S. Coalition) but Rupert Murdoch was laundering payoffs to corrupt science workers by being simultaneously on the Board of Directors of CATO Institute, sitting side-by-side with David Koch. PM and other tobacco conspirators paid tens of millions of dollars to the Koch line of propaganda factories, and ultimately directed the creation of Tea Party Tax Protests. CATO hired and paid out  tobacco money to APCO TASSC-operatives "Senior Fellows" Michael Gough, Steve Milloy, S. Fred Singer, Bruce Ames, Frederick Seitz. Koch FREEDOMWORKS-CSE operated tobacco-funded USTEAPARTY.COM from 2002 thru 2005 on the CSE.ORG server, mirroring the pages on CSE.ORG domain.

Links to evidence exist at the following locations:

Tea Party Crooked =

Organized Crime Tea Party = http://organized-crime-tea-par...

Koch-Murdoch-Axis = http://koch-murdoch-axis.blogs...

Murdoch (FOX NEWS) Directed Serial Killer Corporation PHILLIP MORRIS TOBACCO COMPANY. = http://tea-klux-klan.blogspot....

$288,000,000.00 is ENOUGH! STOP Koch Organized Crime. = http://koch-industries-organiz...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Koch Brothers Behaving Like Children

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What other corporation in the WORLD has ever been fined and penalized $288,000,000.00 plus lost a court case by jury verdict of people who examined the evidence that imposed $293,000,000.00 more dollars for killing people by neglecting their business?

This is more than HALF A GIGABUCK! There's a partial list of links to the court evidence and official reports located at:

This doesn't even include the tens of millions of dollars the Koch brothers raked in joining the Tobacco Serial Murder Conspiracy that killed 22,000,000 Americans since 1956 -- the Kochs became partners in the RICO operation by 1985 if not sooner, and there have been 440,000 Americans killed by tobacco liars and addictive drug peddlers each year since 1984.

When did they terminate the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? Why the kid gloves? It's not like Obama loves the Koch brothers funding ALEC or Karl Rove's GPS.

Why are they ABOVE THE LAW?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Herman Cain took a 3rd place pizza chain to 5th place

Herman Cain took a 3rd place pizza chain to 5th place which has now ended up in 8th place, killing around 300 restaurants and destroying jobs of thousands of pizza workers. Cain molested job seekers at the same time, while cheating behind his mistress's back, served as tobacco lobbyist at the same time at Natl Restaurant Assn, while also serving as director at the same time on RJ Reynolds Tobacco Nabisco-Holding board of directors. Cain took $26,000,000+ as director of AGCO Corp and Whirlpool of Stimulus Funds, then bald-faced lying to the public that not one job was created by the Stimulus. Cain as director of Whirlpool-Maytag closed the Newton Iowa Maytag washer-dryer factory, destroyed 4,500 American jobs and exported the factory south to Mexico. Herman Cain destroyed Aquila Corp, lost the workers their pensions and jobs, while the crippled company was devoured by competitors.

Cain Took $26 Million Jobs Stimulus Money.wmv

Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv

Herman Cain Bad Businessman.wmv

Herman Cain Lick My Job Bitch.wmv


Koch Organized Crime 01.wmv

Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 02 Seitz-Cato-RJR-Tobacco.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 03 CSE Dick Armey Tea Party.wmv

Koch Organized Crime (04) Killed Dawn Smalley.wmv

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SALON FAIL: The Tea Party’s “utopian market populism”

Wall Street

Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

The Tea Party’s “utopian market populism”

Tom Frank on the dream that fueled the right wing's improbable comeback

The Kochfather Organized Crime

Once again SALON fails to grasp the nature of the operative forces.

The "TEA PARTY" was prototyped and test marketed over a long period of time by the Tobacco Mafia Organized Crime. By 2011 even SALON has by now learned that there was a 50-year felony conspiracy of the seven largest Tobacco companies and two formal front groups (Tobacco Institute and Center for Tobacco Research). Every possible means of deception and fraud was used to continue draining millions of people of their money, health and life by corporate serial murderers, completely without conscience or mercy.

Tobacco companies wrapped themselves in the flag and in the Constitution and used every patriotic symbol to further their schemes. Canadians were suckered into a "Boston Tea Party" anti-tax anti govt PR action in 1991, despite the fact that Canada was loyalist and on the other side of the US Revolution of the "Tea Party".

The Kochtopus was hired by big tobacco as soon as it was created, including Citizens for a Sound Economy. CSE was paid over $2,000,000 in one year by Philip Morris alone, but also received monies from other tobacco companies and also indirectly received additional funding through mercenary contractors like Bursten Marsteller and APCO. Cato Institute housed the APCO TASSC fraudsters where they received paychecks.

CSE, which bifurcated into Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity, test-marketed the TEA PARTY aggressive anti-govt, starve-govt movement by erecting a "" website, which was co-hosted on the CSE website, between 2002 and 2005, while George Bush was doing his first term, and Obama was not yet a candidate for president.

Tobacco Organized Crime used CSE to defeat the Clinton Healthcare project using all the same means it tried against Obamacare. 45,000 Americans died each year from lack of access to healthcare, and 450,000 Americans died directly from tobacco use (undoubtedly some overlap there). The 20-year delay in delivering healthcare caused some 900,000 additional deaths since 1991 when Koch-CSE was activated to defeat the Clintons.

Nothing said above is difficult to discover. It requires that one know the definition of "Sociopathy" and recognize the symptoms. It requires that one cared enough to know who the corporate serial murderers are, and, as sociopaths they will never be cured or change their modus operandi. It requires that one recognized early that the Tea Party was abnormal, that grassroots movements are extremely difficult to create and grow. It requires that one bothered to pay attention to the Koch's.

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library online is freely available. You can verify from trial documents which already had their day in court and the verdict was GUILTY. One has benefit of "innocent until proven guilty" only until the verdict comes in and then there is no further benefit of the doubt, because there is no more doubt.

I have given you a starter collection of samples of documents. You who make your paychecks doing investigative reporting need to be investigating and reporting.

Start here:

Then here:

And here:

I expect to see very different words coming out of SALON mouths on talking-heads news shows going forward.

Koch Organized Crime 03 CSE Dick Armey Tea Party.wmv

Smoke Koch-Murdoch Tea Party Cigarettes.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 02 Seitz-Cato-RJR-Tobacco.wmv

Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv

Koch Organized Crime (04) Killed Dawn Smalley.wmv

Kochs Started Tea Party With Stalin's Money.wmv