Saturday, May 19, 2012

Herman Cain: Rev. Wright is ‘fair game’

May. 19, 2012 - 10:45 PM EST
Herman Cain, member of the Board of Directors of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company-Nabisco Holdings, operated in control of the nationwide lobby group Natl Restaurant Assn while groping job applicants and cheating on his mistress.

Herman Cain as director of AGCO Corp, run by Rich Koch, pulled in $2,000,000.00 jobs stimulus money and as director of Whirlpool-Maytag took in another $24,000,000.00 and claimed thru-out his campaign that the jobs stimulus never created even one job. Shouldn't Herman Cain be put in jail for fraud, taking $26,000,000.00 jobs stimulus money on the promise of creating jobs and then not creating the jobs he was paid to create?

Herman Cain, tobacco criminal, aided the big seven tobacco companies to push addictive deadly drugs as part of an ongoing 50 year R.I.C.O. racketeering conspiracy that serially murdered 22,000,000 Americans with painful deaths and diseases.

Herman Cain, BAD BUSINESSMAN, took a 3rd place pizza chain to 5th place, now 8th place, closed hundreds of pizza joints and fired thousands of pizza workers, all to make the operation look profitable on paper to dump the stock at higher prices than it was worth. His scam got him onboard the Citibank gravy train and a federal reserve directorship.

Herman Cain, BAD BUSINESSMAN, did an Enron to Aquila Corporation, destroying the viability, gutting the employees pension and stock worth, ultimately disbanding the company for parts sold at firesale prices to competitors. Cain and cronies was sued for $10 megabucks, settled for undisclosed amount, but Aquila bit the dust.