Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Tea Party's 1776 Shtick: History Mangled

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The Tea Party was created by the Tobacco companies who hired their long-time contractors (the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries) to execute the plan to make taxes on smokers unpopular. Court evidence documents from when 46 State Attorney Generals sued the tobacco racketeers were wrenched from the racketeers file cabinets and put on display on the internet by federal court orders.

Links to these court documents can be found at and at showing exactly precisely the name of the party who conceived the idea back in 1981 and all the parties who carried out the plan over the following decades. The Organized Crime Tobacco fraudsters kept good records of every dime they spent, every $10,000,000 they spent through the Kochs CSE (Freedomworks-CSE, and AFP).