Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cain Took $26 Million Jobs Stimulus Money.wmv

Cain Took $26 Million Jobs Stimulus Money.wmv

Uploaded by on Dec 7, 2011
Herman Cain took over $26,000,000 taxpayer dollars of Obama Jobs Stimulus Money for two companies he was director of the Board.

Republicans say that not one single jobs was created with Stimulus Money so he just stole the money right? We want our taxpayer Jobs Stimulus Money back from the Rich Koch-run AGCO Corp and from Whirlpool-Maytag that killed 4,500 Newton Iowa Jobs, and shipped the Factory to Mexico. Let's ship the job-killer Herman Cain to Mexico.

Oh, and Cain sold cigarettes and killed more than jobs when he was director of the RJ-Reynolds Tobacco Company, Nabisco Holdings -- he was a corporate serial killer who helped kill 435,000 Americans per year selling addictive and deadly products intended to harm their users. At RJ-Reynolds Nabisco, Cain was Director of the Board of Nabisco Oreos -- how appropriate.