Friday, December 2, 2011


It does not matter if he gets in or gets out. This man is pure evil and his ability to smear people from the sidelines needs to be destroyed -- no aftermarket for speaking tours, no political appointments, no more board of directors cushy jobs paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours work per month.

Do you realize this guy CHEATED ON HIS MISTRESS while committing adultery behind his wife. He was groping job applicants and waitresses while serving as a political lobbyist to keep smoking legal in restaurants as long as possible. He was on the board of a tobacco company while that tobacco company was under investigation for felony organized crime, and the same company was ultimately convicted of federal RICO felony fraud charges. Cain took a pizza company and brought it from 3rd place to 8th place, closing 200 pizza joints and destroying thousands of jobs. He said the closed pizza locations were bad location choices, but how were they so good three years earlier and then suddenly bad? Cain also exported 4,500 jobs from NEWTON IOWA Maytag when he shipped the factory to Mexico from the board of Whirlpool-Maytag.

The worst thing is CAIN LIED and stole over $30,000,000 taxpayer dollars. The "Stimulus" money was not randomly sent out as checks like a lottery -- companies had to APPLY FOR THE MONEY. Cain was on Agco Corp and Whirlpool, who together took dozens of millions of dollars of jobs stimulus money, but he has publicly said the Stimulus did not create one single job. He LIED to get those millions and he needs to give back the taxpayer Stimulus money that he stole under false pretenses.

While on the Board of Reynolds Holdings, parent to RJ-Reynold Tobacco Company, Cain was Director of Oreos. In the future when he doesn't have a job, and is not rich, throw his words back in his face: "Blame Yourself"!

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