Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smoke Koch-Murdoch Tea Party Cigarettes.wmv

Smoke Koch-Murdoch Tea Party Cigarettes.wmv
Uploaded by on Dec 8, 2011
Bill Koch called his twin brother David Koch "Organized Crime" on CBS National TV, but that was just stealing 300 million gallons of oil from the govt and Indian Reservations. Bill never told you that the Koch-Murdoch Axis was selling cigarettes to kids using ads in Murdoch's TV Guide magazine every time the tykes looked up the start time for Barney the Dinosaur. Bill Koch never spilled the beans on what the Koch empire of think tanks and institutes was doing for the Tobacco Mafia, or Rupert Murdoch's role in it all (as Director of Philip Morris Tobacco Company and Cato Institute at the same time). Koch-Murdoch-Axis has a new scam, the Tea Party, and this video is dedicated to the new merged enterprise of Koch-Murdoch Tea Party branded cigarettes surely in the works. Oh, they can rehire their boy, Herman Cain, who's resume includes selling cigarettes through the Natl Restaurant Association and while director of RJ-Reynolds Tobacco Company Nabisco Holdings -- they go way back, before CSE was called Freedomworks and "Americans for Prosperity". It's all in the tobacco archives online.

Kochs Started Tea Party With Stalin's Money.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 01.wmv

Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv