Thursday, October 20, 2011

Koch-Employee Herman-Cain of Koch-Americans-for-Koch-Prosperity

Koch-Employee Herman Cain of Koch-Americans-for-Koch-Prosperity: Cain on his knees worshiping the Big Koch.

Koch Industries astroturf Front Group for the Organized Crime Koch Industries is the organized-crime offshoot Koch-Americans-for-Koch-Prosperity, usually abbreviated to conceal the Koch crime bosses involvement to just Americans for Prosperity.

David Koch - Evidence Of Direct Tea Party Link

Does Herman Cain KNOW that David Koch hired KKK-Tom-Posey as treasurer of the predecessor of Americans for Prosperity (Citizens for a Sound Economy, CSE, morphed into FREEDOMWORKS and AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY in 2004, two years before Koch hired the career-crashed pizzaman)? 

Cain floundered in 2004 after Cain helped run Aquilla into the ground, while KKK-Terrorist Tom Posey held the moneybags at CSE, Cain served as a director for ill-fated local energy company Aquila, an association that eventually landed him in court as a defendant in a major class-action lawsuit.

Americans for Prosperity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

AFP was founded in 2004 when Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) split into FreedomWorks (formerly Citizens for a Sound Economy), for 501(c)(4) advocacy ...

The only existing photo on the internet of Organized Crime Boss David Koch on the right and state-sponsored-terrorist Tom Posey on the Ultra-Right.

$288,000,000.00 is ENOUGH! STOP Koch Organized Crime.

Herman Cain on his knees worshiping the Big Koch