Monday, October 17, 2011

Herman Cain on his knees worshiping the Big Koch (part 3)

Herman Cain on his knees worshiping the Big Koch (part 3)

GOP Tells Occupy Wall Street: Blame the Democrats, Not the Rich

The Occupy Wall Street movement spread worldwide this weekend, with demonstrations in 950 cities and 82 countries, but Republican presidential hopeful (Koch-employee) Herman Cain said today he doesn't understand what they are after and that their anger is misdirected.

"What is their message? That's what's unclear," (Koch-employee) Cain, the new frontrunner in the GOP race according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "If their message is let's punish the rich, I don't empathize with that message. They should be protesting the White House."

Just days ago, the protesters marched to the homes of some of the wealthiest "1 percent" as the protesters call them, including Rupert Murdoch and David Koch, whose support has helped fund (Koch-employee) Cain's campaign.

(Koch-employee) Cain has denounced protesters, saying that they should blame themselves -- not corporations or the super-rich -- if they are unemployed. In a New York Times op-ed he wrote that they are hypocrites who would "rather have a handout than work." ...

Cain 'proud' of link with Koch brothers

From POLITICO's Juana Summers, (Koch-employee) Herman Cain talked about his relationship with the Koch brothers in an interview with CNN's John King:

“I know the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers helped to start an organization called Americans For Prosperity and I did some speaking when they were starting that organization. I am very proud of the relationship I have with the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity.”

“I don't have a close relationship, but I know them and I respect them and they know me and they respect me.”

Herman Cain, Trojan horse candidate for the Koch brothers


The other day I told you about Herman Cain's only disclosed economic adviser, (Koch partner) Rich Lowrie of Cleveland, Ohio, who is not an economist as Cain falsely asserted during the last debate but a wealth manager for a division of Wells Fargo.  Herman Cain's economic adviser is not an economist (Politico):

[A]ccording to his LinkedIn page holds an accountancy degree from Case Western Reserve University. Lowrie also spent three years on the advisory board of the conservative third-party group Americans For Prosperity. [funded by the Koch brothers] ...

...  While Cain is quick to promote his career at the helm of the Godfather’s Pizza chain, his ties to AFP aren’t something the candidate appears eager to highlight.

His campaign did not respond to repeated messages seeking comment between Thursday and Sunday, and Cain does not include his AFP work on his biography on his website.

But Cain continues to work with the group.

While several other candidates will be at an Iowa Republican Party dinner on Nov. 4, Cain is scheduled to be in Washington mingling with activists at AFP’s annual “Defending the American Dream” summit. He is the only confirmed presidential candidate for the event.

AFP spokesman Levi Russell said Cain has spoken at dozens of AFP rallies and events over the years to support a number of the group’s activities. AFP has often covered his travel expenses or paid a “pretty modest honorarium” but he has not been paid since becoming a presidential candidate, he said.