Saturday, October 15, 2011

Killer Koch Brothers -- Koch Industries Organized Crime Killed Danielle Dawn Smalley and Jason Stone.

Koch Bros - It's the evil thing.

Dangerous Koch Bros Pipeline Leaks

Smalley Teaches Pipeline Safety After Death of Daughter
Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Danny Smalley speaks with Bloomberg's David Evans about his daughter, Danielle Smalley, and the foundation which promotes pipeline safety that bears her name. In 1996 a leak in a Koch Industries Inc. butane pipeline led to an explosion that killed 17 year-old Danielle. The November issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine examines the history of some illegal and improper practices of the global empire run by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. (Source: Bloomberg)

Killer Koch Brothers -- Koch Industries Organized Crime Killed Danielle Dawn Smalley and Jason Stone.

The $296 million judgment returned in the Smalley case was the largest award for actual damages in a wrongful-death case in the nation's history, according to records compiled by Jury Verdict Research, a company in Horsham, Pa.

Blast that killed 2 teens exposed Koch's history

Danielle Smalley: 17-year old was packing for college the day she was killed. ... Or that Koch had told some families who lived near the pipeline — but not the ...
Koch is no stranger to the courtroom, having survived various lawsuits by Koch ... after Danielle and Jason were killed, the Office of Pipeline Safety ordered Koch to ... I want them to remember Danielle Dawn Smalley and Jason Stone's names ...

Koch - Killer Koch's Citizens for a Sound Economy

Danielle Dawn Smalley ... caused an explosion outside of Dallas in which two teenagers were killed. ... Danny Smalley filed suit against Koch Industries. ...

Organized Crime Ring - Killer Koch's Citizens for a Sound Economy

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EXPOSED: Koch Industries and Cancer Risk

Toxic Waste Courtesy of Koch Brothers

Tea Bag parties are FAKE

The Billionaires' Tea Party - Trailer

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The Tea Party movement has taken American politics by storm. But is this truly a populist uprising or one of the greatest feats of propaganda ever seen? Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham sets out answer this question, finding that behind the movement's rhetoric of 'freedom' versus 'socialism' lies a highly co-ordinated network of shadow groups, funded by the likes of billionaire ideologues Charles and David Koch. Are the Tea Party protestors really just pawns in a plan to replace government with a privatized America?

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Uncloaking the Koch Brothers, Tea Party

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Koch Brothers & The Tea Party

Tea-Party Sponsors, Govt. Corrupting 'Koch Brothers' Secretly Traded With Iranian Mullahs

Supreme Court Justices Attended Koch Brothers Party When They Were Deciding Citizens United

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