Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unions have benefited American Workers more than Republicans.

Republican Samuel Bush was appointed by John D. Rockefeller (Exxon-founder) as president of Buckeye Steel Castings Company in Cleveland, Ohio, after Rockefeller fired his brother from the job.

Sam Bush was anti-union and worked his men 12 hours per day, 365 days per year -- they never saw the sunshine outdoors their entire adult life. There were no pensions -- you worked til you dropped dead. There was no disability or worker's comp.

Unions created the 40 hour workweek. They invented the weekend.

George W. Bush's father was known as a Merchant of Death, and the Entire Bush Republicanism has tried to bring back the worker conditions of Sam Bush.

The 1% demonizes unions for no good reason. American Workers created your wealth -- they deserve a fair share of what they created.

Rich people hire representative to negotiate for them. Unions are the worker's representatives leveling the power and leveling the playfield.

Unions existed in the 1800s and earlier. Tom Paine of COMMON SENSE fame in 1775 was head of the tax collectors union in Britain before he moved to America, so one of the celebrated Founding Fathers was a Union Man.

Rockefeller went to war with Pennsylvania Railroad boss in 1877 which spread over several states and involved considerable bloodshed. 2,000 Americans were killed in the actions. Unions fought both bosses over worker abuse.

Rockefeller (Exxon-Founder) became a mortal enemy of unions. Two Rockefeller daughters married two McCormick sons (McCormick was the center of the Haymarket Square incident which put down labor organization with deadly force).

Rockefeller's son was schooled with one of those McCormick sons and was mentored by Frederick Flick (who was partner-owner in the Bethlehem Steel bloodbath labor incident).

Rockefeller sent goons in 1912-1913 to assassinate union organizers at Paint Creek, Cabin Creek, West Virginia coalfields secretly owned by Rockefeller but held by the Pratt Company located in Rockefeller's offices.

The exact same goons with four machine guns were dispatched to end the strike at the Ludlow, Colorado coalfields, and on April 19th they opened fire on the strikers family tent-camp with those machineguns and firebombs. 19 women, children and men were murdered by the Rockefeller-Exxon death squads.

The Exxon family and it's associates (like oilmen Killer Koch Brothers, Oil heir Richard Scaife) has poured millions into paying anti-union propagandists to spam forums with hate-union messages.